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KP Compass

www.kpcompass.com is retired. Please make sure you are visiting the correct site for your school. If you have not upgraded, please contact your account manager.

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Compliance & Security
Changing Pedagogies
BYOD & Mobile Learning
Scale & Cost Control

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Your course content, media and other resources pairs with our platform allowing you to easily author, collaborate, manage and publish in the cloud. We enhance your business with performance analytics and content usage reports. We give you predictable costs, scalability, and future-proofing for all laws, technologies and new pedagogies.
Integrate with your preferred LMS / CMS such as Canvas and Blackboard or provide a next-generation learning experience via our white labeled webapp. We give your customers relevant insights about their users. Simple tools and key indicators enable instructors and administrators to target and tailor the learning path to the needs of each individual.
End users enjoy a mobile-ready and gamified experience. Their motiviation results in increased learning speed and retention of knoweldge which makes positive learning outcomes a breeze. We cater to a variety of learning modalities and the latest pedagogies to keep learning rigorous, relevant, and fun.

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We have come a long way since paper textbooks and squeaky chalkboards. Trends in learning are constantly changing, and as a publisher, you are responsible to make sure your content meets the demands of the modern learner. Let KP Compass relieve you of that burden. We specialize in taking flat content and making it interactive, portable, and engaging. You worry about the quality of your materials… and we will take care of the rest.

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  2. devices Device Agnostic Design
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  11. whatshot Augmented / V R
  12. watch Wearable Devices

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